Arturia AstroLab stage piano

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Sa 61 polu-otežanim dirkama i varijabilnom polifonijom do 48 glasova, AstroLabova konstelacija zvukova omogućava preuzimanje unapred postavljenih postavki iz njihovih Analog Lab, V Collection ili Pigments virtualnih softverskih instrumenata i njihovu implementaciju u realnim vremenu za beskonačne permutacije dizajna zvuka. Opsežne mogućnosti povezivanja i kompatibilnosti uključuju Bluetooth/Wi-Fi vezu i podršku za foot kontrolere, dok vam podrška za MIDI 2.0, aftertouch efekt i multi-layer omogućava kombinovanje više dimenzija prošlih, sadašnjih i budućih zvukova u jedan instrument optimizovan za opake performanse. Klavijaturisti, producenti i studijski muzičari podjednako su otkrili da je AstroLab "korak unapred", uvodeći inspirativnu mešavinu mobilnosti alata za inspirativno izražavanje kad je muzika u pitanju.

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Intergalactic Arturia Sounds, Primed for Real-time Performance

Throughout the company’s multi-decade tenure, Arturia has cemented itself among the vanguard of contemporary, multimode synthesis, trailblazing across two distinctive yet interlinked lanes critical to the advancement of synthesis: original instrumentation and state-of-the-art emulation. AstroLab realizes the nexus of these two vectors as a dedicated stage keyboard designed to bridge the infinite potential of virtual instrumentation with the grounded, tactile needs of a studio or stage performance. With 61 semi-weighted keys and a variable polyphony of up to 48 voices, the AstroLab’s constellation of sounds lets you pull presets from their Analog Lab, V Collection, or Pigments software instruments and deploy them in real time for endless permutations of interstellar sound design. Extensive connectivity and compatibility options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and footswitch support, while accommodations for MIDI 2.0, aftertouch, and layering let you combine multiple dimensions of past, present, and future sounds into a single, performance-optimized instrument. With the evolution of key-based performances perennially looming over the horizon, gigging keyboardists, producers, and studio synthesists at Sweetwater alike have found the AstroLab to be a welcome breath of fresh air, introducing an inspiring blend of tactility, mobility, and expression tools to any arrangement.

How does AstroLab work? Multidimensional sound in one instrument

Arturia’s AstroLab brings the near-infinite multitudes of sonic-sculpting possibilities afforded to its Analog Lab, V Collection, and Pigments virtual instruments to a robust keyboard that was purpose-built for stage and studio performances. With storage space for well over 1,000 presets, the AstroLab’s comprehensive, galvanizing engine serves as the singular source for any of your carefully curated sounds from compatible VIs. Eight 360-degree potentiometers supply flexible macros that can be tailored to each preset, divided between four instrument controls and four effects controls — including two insert effects slots — that strike the ideal balance between hands-on tactility and limitless virtual sounds. Additionally, each of the macro controls is color coded to not only display the adjustment of a parameter but to also support multi-part presets, allowing you to control one or both of a preset’s respective macros simultaneously.

AstroLab Connect: one app for comprehensive preset control

Across the sum of the Analog Lab, V Collection, and Pigments offerings, you’d be forgiven for wondering how the AstroLab’s streamlined interface accommodates such a diverse array of instruments. This is where AstroLab Connect enters the frame. This multi-platform mobile and desktop app lets you browse, organize, select, and even purchase new and existing sounds. It organizes them into playlists or sound banks to suit your needs. Or you can peruse broadly by category, style, and instrument. Detailed indexing tools are contrasted by a flexible, accommodating interface, making it painless to manage presets for dedicated set lists or performances, with further options that let you edit them straight from the app. Because Arturia’s outfitted the AstroLab with the Wi-Fi capabilities to both produce its own network and connect to your smart device from a shared network, you’re always able to shape your sound.

A paradigm shift of form and function

The AstroLab is an unusual yet exciting blend of MIDI controller and proper instrument, with a diverse array of MIDI, Bluetooth, USB, Expression, Sustain, auxiliary input, and XLR/TRS combination jacks to facilitate countless configurations of real-time performance. Because the macro controls are predefined, the AstroLab daringly challenges the seemingly limitless possibilities of virtual sound with the simple fact that for as much latent sonic potential exists within these virtual instruments, most — if not all — of those vectors play their most integral roles in the composition stage. Instead, AstroLab streamlines the real-time performances of those sounds by reducing the physical and virtual complexity of running a VI with a connected, synchronized onstage computer or laptop.

Versatile sound design for any sonic style

With its ample opportunities for interoperative integration, the AstroLab’s bevy of onboard tools melds worlds of sound with ease. Its distinctive architecture includes dual split and layering modes that allow you to craft complex textures, patches, and soundscapes that combine sonics from all over time and space, like Pigments’ futuristic wavetable magic with painstakingly crafted analog monosynths from the V Collection. Plus, the AstroLab’s onboard expressive capacity and performance tools can be discerningly deployed to elevate any instrument, including built-in delays and reverbs, dual insert effects for each preset, pitch and modulation wheels, an arpeggiator, a looper, a sequencer, and even a vocoder. Furthermore, each of the auxiliary jacks that accompany the dedicated Sustain and Expression inputs can be custom-assigned to functions unique to the AstroLab’s presets, capable of accommodating both TS-switch and continuous-pedal use.

Engineered for live shows, optimized for studio coherence

Arturia designed the AstroLab to meet the multimode needs of the contemporary gigging musician, and the instrument’s focused yet pliable architecture is meant to seamlessly join the open-ended nature of the composition and ideation stages with the purposeful, pointed tools needed for studio recordings and live shows. Its 5-pin MIDI I/O lets you connect the AstroLab to control or be controlled by countless external devices, and Arturia envisions a world where the AstroLab’s studio MIDI functionality can be used for building and customizing patches within the capable VIs, ensuring the transition from sound shaping to live use is nearly flawless. This workflow allows you to mindfully build and adapt presets far earlier in your creative process, drastically reducing headaches and hassles when it comes time to arrange your desired set list.

Arturia AstroLab 61-key Stage Keyboard Features:

  • Innovative hybrid stage keyboard that craftily lets you bring the forces of V Collection, Analog Lab, and Pigments to a performance setting without the need for a laptop or computer
  • More than 30 distinctive onboard instruments, including piano, organ, strings, and brass, alongside classic and modern synths for a voltaic array of recording and composition tools right out of the box
  • Over 1,300 diverse presets that include over 200 artist-tribute sounds to capture countless dimensions of iconic instrumentation
  • Comprehensive functionality as a controller for the included Analog Lab Pro software instruments, which means drag-and-drop convenience with electrifying sound design
  • Multitimbral architecture that lets you split or layer two sounds up to 48 voices in polyphony to create dynamic, dazzling soundscapes across multiple styles of synthesis
  • Smooth preset transition technology that ensures sounds continue until the next note is played for unobtrusive single- or multi-preset changes during your set
  • Arpeggiator, sequencer, and looper modes to expand performance possibilities without the need for additional gear or an onstage computer
  • 8 customizable and assignable macros that provide focused control across instrument and effects parameters to balance the limitless potential of virtual instruments with a practical scope of performance details
  • 4 instrument macros that adjust Brightness, Timbre, Time, and Movement parameters, with shift-key adjustments for Volume, Bass, Mid, and Treble
  • 4 effects macros that accommodate dedicated Delay and Reverb send effects, with two insert effects slots for endlessly customizable patch building
  • Insert effects that comprise chorus, flanger, phaser, overdrive, bit crusher, wavefolder, waveshaper, LPF, HPF, BPF, comb, EQ, stereo pan, wah, compressor, twin amp, and rotary choices for complete multidimensional texturizing
  • Chord and scale modes that include variable chord types to enable multitudes of harmonic exploration
  • Semi-weighted 61-key arrangement that features aftertouch for detailed, sonorous expression
  • AstroLab Connect mobile app and Analog Lab Pro desktop software that support thorough sound organizing, editing, loading, browsing, and buying for pain-free, on-the-go AstroLab customization
  • Flexible Wi-Fi structure that includes generating a hotspot from the AstroLab, guaranteeing complete app-based connectivity even without a nearby network
  • USB-C port that allows for 2-way data transmission with your computer, tablet, or smartphone for versatile, lightning-fast connection
  • USB-A port that allows for MIDI over USB for expanded MIDI-controller arrangements with virtually any sonic setup
  • Combination XLR/TRS inputs that expand performance possibilities with powerful tone-shaping tools and an onboard vocoder
  • Sustain and Expression inputs complemented by 2 TS-switch- and continuous-pedal-compatible jacks to personalize your performance with countless expressive configurations
  • Full ownership of instruments included with AstroLab unlocks an unrivaled depth of sound design and customization to expand your performance palette
  • Compatible with V Collection and the following instruments: ARP2600 V, Augmented Grand Piano, Augmented Strings, Augmented Voices, B-3 V, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, CMI V, CS-80 V, CZ V, DX7 V, Emulator II V, Farfisa V, JUN-6 V, JUP-8 V, Korg MS-20 V, Matrix 12 V, Mini V, Modular V, OP-Xa V, Piano V, Pigments, Prophet-5 V, Prophet-VS V, Sampler, SEM V, Solina V, SQ80 V, Stage-73 V, Synclavier V, Synthi V, Vocoder V, Vox Continental V, and Wurli V


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Arturia KeyLab 49 mkII Black kontroler klavijatura

Nikola Drobac

Dobra kupovina. Softver koji dolazi u kontroler je odlican, kontroler je kvalitetno izradjen, vise sam nego zadovoljan kupovinom. Preporuke. :)

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