Warm Audio WA87

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S višestruko dokazanim kompresorima i pretpojačalima Warm Audio već je uzdrmao tržište profesionalne audio opreme, ali kad je Warm Audio usmerio svoju pozornost prema mikrofonima sa modelom WA-87, letvica je zaista visoko podignuta: jedan od najlegendarnijih FET kondenzatorskih mikrofona s velikom membranom u istoriji! Legendarni zvuk iz 70'ih. Idealan mikrofon za svaku priliku - na tomovima, overheadovima, gitarskim kabinetima, kongama ili kod vokala - bilo gde! Ovaj mikrofon sadrži topli i soničniji karakter zvuka karakterističan za vreme od gotovo preko pola veka iza nas, sve je to upakovano u ovaj model mikrofona. Odlične performanse, vrhunske komponente i neverovatna vrednost: to je formula iz Warm Audio laboratorije koja je prikazana kroz WA-87 mikrofon!

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A Classic Made Affordable
The classic ‘87 is arguably the most widely-used large diaphragm condenser microphone in popular recording history. Rather than base our WA-87 circuit on current incarnations of this mic, we decided to closely follow the early circuit designs that date back nearly half a century.
As is true with many classic microphones, engineers who have worked with different versions of these microphones often prefer the warmer, more forgiving nature of the earlier commercially available models. The desire to re-introduce the warm tone of this classic mic at an affordable price to an all new generation of recording artists was the inspiration behind the WA-87.
It All Starts With The Microphone
The importance of a good microphone cannot be overstated; but unfortunately, finding a truly great microphone within a budget has always been challenging for aspiring engineers. There are very usable microphones available for those on a budget; but top shelf, classic studio microphones are financially out of reach for most people. We applied all that we know about bridging this barrier into crafting a microphone that reaches the level of quality and sonics mostly found only in top shelf products, yet sells for a price that is down to earth.
Quality Components Make A Better Mic
The WA-87 features all discrete, premium components such as Fairchild FETs, tantalum, polystyrene, and WIMA film capacitors, and is rounded off with a CineMag USA output transformer.
The WA-87 proudly uses our own Warm Audio WA-87-B-50V custom capsule reproduction stylized after the classic K87 dual backplate/dual diaphragm capsule found in the early ‘87 microphones.
Born Out Of Need
When designing our first microphone we knew that the single greatest challenge would be to offer a capsule that was built to a high standard and priced in a range that every-day musicians and engineers could afford. We already knew where to find great microphone transformers, precision resistors, polystyrene, tantalum and WIMA film capacitors; but we came to realize that a quality affordable microphone capsule that met our specifications simply wasn’t out there. We knew we would have to develop our own line of capsules.
The WA (Warm Audio) brand of capsule is the result of several years of research, a lifetime of listening, and a passion for great sound. Above all else, Warm Audio capsules came from the desire to give customers far more quality/value than what they are used to getting in an affordable microphone. Every Warm Audio capsule is made in the same small assembly house in a clean-room environment, and packaged in its own protective jewel case until the moment it is loaded into the microphone. Every capsule visually inspected and electrically tested for imperfections. Every capsule is also made with all brass parts (no teflon or other cost saving material), and is carefully skinned from the same supply of high purity NOS Mylar (PET film). We are confident that you will be just as pleased with our microphone capsules as we are to offer them, and that they will give you a lifetime of great recordings and enjoyment.

Technical Specification

  • Large Condenser Studio Microphone Based On The Classic “87-Style” Circuit.
  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Figure Of Eight, And Omnidirectional.
  • WA-87-B-50V Capsule. Reproduction Of Classic Dual Backplate (Four Wire Termination) K87 Capsule.
  • -10db Pad.
  • CineMag USA Output Transformer.
  • Frequency Response: 20hz - 20khz.
  • SPL: .5% THD @ 125db (Without Pad),132db.
  • Diaphragm: 6 Micron Thickness, 1 Inch Diameter, Gold Sputtered Membrane, NOS Mylar (PET Film).
  • Output: 150 Ohms, 24k Gold Plated, 3 Pin XLR.
  • High Pass Filter: 80hz.
  • Noise: -117db.
  • Microphone Includes Shock Mount, Hard Mount And Wood Box.
  • Color: Nickel.


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