Warm Audio WA14

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Višestruko dokazani kompresori i pretpojačala poprilično su uzdrmali temelje muzičkog sveta kada pričamo o odnosu cene i kvaliteta. Nakon toga Warm Audio usmerio je pozornost na mikrofone pa su i lestvicu postavili izuzetno visoko: najveći legendarni FET kondenzatorski mikrofon velike membrane u istoriji - baziran na studijskom klasiku. Kardioidna, figure-8 i omni-usmerena polarna karakteristika, LK-12-B-60V Lens kondenzator CK12 kapsula, Custom CineMag USA transformator, potpuno diskretna signalna putanja s tantalum polistirenom + WIMA kondenzatori. Frekventni odziv: 20Hz do 20kHz, 10dB/20dB selektivno izlazno prigušenje, otpor: 150 Ohm, za rad ovog mikrofona potrebno je fantomsko napajanje. U kompletu s ovim mikrofonom dolazi i originalni shockmount nosač.

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Blast From The Past
The WA-14 is a classic condenser microphone based on the early 1970's microphone used on countless hit records. The WA-14 utilizes a custom all-brass CK12-style capsule, CineMag USA transformer, and a fully discrete signal path.  The WA-14 can be used on an array of sources, such as; punchy/warm intimate lead vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, drums/percussion, strings/orchestral material, and many other sources. The WA-14 provides a realism and thickness that is true to the vintage microphone, but now at an affordable price.
All Brass Capsule
The WA-12-B-60V is an all-brass, edge-terminated capsule that captures all the smoothness, rich top end, and warm vintage sonics of the original CK12 capsule. The WA-12-B-60V uses a variant CEK-12 back plate as a basis, which overcomes manufacturing limitations of the original CK12 capsule. The o-ring and housing of the WA-12-B-60V are all made from brass (no teflon parts), and the diaphragm is 24k gold sputtered 6 micron, NOS PET film (mylar). The end result is a very consistent, reliable capsule which matches the frequency response and tonality of the classic 1970's classic capsule.
Born Out Of Need
When designing our first microphone we knew that the single greatest challenge would be to offer a capsule that was built to a high standard and priced in a range that every-day musicians and engineers could afford. We already knew where to find great microphone transformers, precision resistors, polystyrene, tantalum and WIMA film capacitors; but we came to realize that a quality affordable microphone capsule that met our specifications simply wasn’t out there. We knew we would have to develop our own line of capsules.
The WA (Warm Audio) brand of capsule is the result of several years of research, a lifetime of listening, and a passion for great sound. Above all else, Warm Audio capsules came from the desire to give customers far more quality/value than what they are used to getting in an affordable microphone. Every Warm Audio capsule is made in the same small assembly house in a clean-room environment, and packaged in its own protective jewel case until the moment it is loaded into the microphone. Every capsule visually inspected and electrically tested for imperfections. Every capsule is also made with all brass parts (no teflon or other cost saving material), and is carefully skinned from the same supply of high purity NOS Mylar (PET film). We are confident that you will be just as pleased with our microphone capsules as we are to offer them, and that they will give you a lifetime of great recordings and enjoyment.

Technical Specification

  • Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone With Variable Pad And Three Polar Patterns
  • Custom CineMag USA Transformer
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz To 20kHz
  • Output Pad: 0dB, -10dB, -20dB
  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Figure Of Eight And Omnidirectional
  • Output Impedance: 150 Ohms
  • Features Custom WA-12-B-60V Edge-Terminated, Dual-Backplate, All-Brass Vintage CK12-Style Capsule
  • 3-Pin Gold Plated XLR
  • Requires +48V Phantom Power
  • Color: Black
  • Includes Shock Mount And Hard Mount
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