• Nord Electro 5 HP73

Nord Electro 5 HP73 synthesizer

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Stage piano/synthesizer sa 73 dirke koji Vas vodi na jedan viši nivo svestranosti na već vrhunskoj klavijaturi! Namenjen za svirke uživo, Nord Electro 5HP 73 pruža Vam vrhunske mogućnosti poput OLED ekrana, jednostavne Synth selekcije, tačke deljenja i višeslojne mogućnosti za stvaranje kompleksnih zvukova, hammer-action dirku, itd. Proširena memorija od sada Vam pruža 1GB memorije za Nord Piano biblioteku i 256MB memorije za Nord Sample biblioteku. Takođe dobijate tonski točkić i rotary speaker emulaciju za Nord C2D Combo orgulje. Vaše svirke uživo upravo mogu postati jednostavnije uz pomoć ovog "monstruoznog" stroja poznatog kao Nord Electro 5HP 73!

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This Nord Is Optimized for Live Use!

The 73-key Nord Electro 5 HP 73 stage piano/synthesizer brings a new level of versatility to an already established keyboard. Primed for live performance, the Electro 5 HP 73 offers user-friendly touches like a large OLED screen, a Sample Synth section, split points and layering capabilities for building up complex sound patches, a hammer-action keybed, and more. Expanded memory now gives you 1GB for the Nord Piano Library and 256MB of memory for the Nord Sample Library. You also get the Tone Wheel and Rotary speaker simulation for Nord's C2D Combo Organ. Gigging live just got easier with the Nord Electro 5 HP 73 stage piano.

Nord Electro 5 HP 73 Stage Piano at a Glance:

  • Hammer-action keys give you real piano feel
  • Powerful features give you the tools you need
  • Built tough for serious professional use

Hammer-action keys give you real piano feel

Nord's Electro 5 HP 73 builds on the success of four generations of Electro Series keyboards. To delight your fingers, this Electro offers 73 keys with superb hammer action and selectable dynamic response curves. This keyboard is all about keyboards - with grands and uprights, plus all the classic EPs, organs, Whirlys, and clavs you'd ever want. The Electro 5 HP 73 now features updated tone wheel and rotary speaker simulations from the C2D.

Powerful features give you the tools you need

Nord loaded the Electro 5 HP 73 with a load of features that make gigging and recording easier than ever. A large OLED display lets you instantly see your settings, effects, and more. You can also set up splits and layers into organ/piano, piano/synth, or synth/organ designations that let you have both instruments available on different parts of the keyboard. A dedicated Sample Synth section, with 256MB of memory, offers a large selection of samples and controls for attack, decay, and dynamics. With the Nord Electro 5 HP 73, you get the warmth of analog with the road-tested reliability of a fifth-gen digital machine.

Built tough for serious professional use

Touring may be rough on musicians, but it's the gear that really gets thrashed. The Nord Electro 5 HP 73 is built to take whatever your tour schedule can dish out, and then some. Nord builds its instruments for serious professional use. The Electro's piano-weighted 73-key size strikes a perfect balance, offering you two-handed playability in a light weight, maneuverable chassis.

Nord Electro 5 HP 73 Stage Piano Features:

  • Powerful 73-key stage piano with killer tone wheel organ, synth, and piano tones
  • Large OLED screen lets you instantly see current your settings
  • Dedicated Sample Synth and Piano sections for instant access to your sounds
  • Updated Tone Wheel and Rotary speaker simulations from the C2D
  • Split and layer the keyboard with ease
  • Physical drawbars let you manipulate your sound in real-time
  • Excellent 73-key hammer action keybed
  • Piano section with 1GB of piano sample memory
  • Add and tweak numerous effects to create the perfect sound
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