• Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 Black
  • Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 Black
  • Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 Black
  • Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 Black

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 Black

Cena 23.400,00 din. PPC: 53.125,00 din. (-56%) Raspoloživo odmah / Maloprodaja Beograd, Novi Sad
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Native Instruments Maschine Mikro groove station pruža iskustvo zvuka iz neverovatnog sveta MI Maschine-a, ali u nešto manjem, kompaktnijem i samim tim cenovno pristupačnijem formatu nego ikada prije. Ako ste "novi" u NI Maschine svetu, pripremite se na iznenađenje! Jedinstvena kombinacija izuzetno moćnog, a opet jednostavnog za korišćenje softvera + hardverski kontroler omogućava Vam stvaranje muzike totalno opušteno i prirodno. Od naprednog groove sikvensinga pa do moćnog semplovanja i remiksovanja ... Maschine Mikro čini to sve! A kada postanete upoznati sa hardverskim kontrolerom, Maschine Mikro čini čuda.

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Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 pruža iskustvo neverovatnog sveta NI Maschine-a, ali u nešto manjem i kompaktnijem, i cenovno pristupačnijem formatu. Ako ste "novi" u NI Maschine okruženju, pripremite se na iznenađenje! Jedinstvena kombinacija izuzetno moćnog, a opet jednostavnog softvera + zaduženi hardverski kontroler omogućava Vam potpuno tečno i prirodno stvaranje muzike. Maschine Mikro pruža sve, od naprednog groove sekvenciranja pa do moćnog semplovanja i remiksa. A kada postanete upoznati sa hardverskim kontrolerom, Maschine Mikro će učiniti da pravljenje muzike bude potpuno bez napora.
Boja: Crna

Tehnička specifikacija:

* The same ultra-flexible environment as the original Maschine, but with a smaller, more portable hardware controller
* Color: Black
* Tight hardware integration gives you impressive hands-on control over most of the functions of the Maschine software
* Includes full version of NIs Massive software synthesizer, with over 1,300 sounds
* The performance of a hardware groove box, with the flexibility of software
* Total recall of all parameters either in standalone mode or as a plug-in means you can instantly dive back into your project
* Frequent software updates means Maschine Mikro continues to evolve to meet your needs
* Shortcuts on the Mikro hardware controller provide quick access to key functions in the Maschine software, which are also easily accessed via the computers mouse and keyboard.
* 16 highly-sensitive, color-coded pads with velocity and after-touch
* One master knob for several software functions
* One high-contrast, 128 x 64 pixel black-and-white display
* 28 backlit buttons for clear visual feedback in the studeo or on stage
* Bus powered hardware via USB 2.0, so you never have to pack a power supply
* Create and arrange patterns using the built-in sequencer.
* Program beats with a step sequencer, or record in real time
* Fluid song arrangement uses patterns, groups, and scenes, allowing you to combine loops and patterns in creative and original ways
* Classic groove box functions include 16 velocity levels, swing (sounds, groups, global), pad-link and note repeat
* High-performance sampler allows you to record internal or external sources (sound card required)
* Sample-length and number of samples only limited by your computers RAM capacity
* Polyphony up to 32 voices for each sound, with choke, legato, and glide options
* Powerful slicing via transient detection, fixed grid, or equal splits with automatic pad assignment
* Destructive sample editing, including truncate, normalize, reverse, and other useful functions
* Convenient import of your own samples, including support for REX2 files and MPC programs
* Vintage sampling modes emulate the sound of the MPC60 and SP1200
* Supports up to 24-bit/192kHz audio
* Hosts any VST or Audio Units plug-ins from Native Instruments and 3rd party manufacturers.
* Easy-to-use browser lets you tag your own imported samples and gives you instant access to any sound from the extensive Maschine library
* Supports NIS NI sound format, allowing you to browse and load the presets of all KOMPLETE 8 versions directly from the Maschine browser
* 16 sound slots available in each of the 8 groups
* One instrument and up to 4 effect plug-ins can be opened in each sound slot
* Easily automate sampler, effects, and plug-in parameters
* Over 6 GB of sounds including 18,000 samples, 7,000 one-shots, 400 loops, 300 drum kits with 1,400 patterns, 388 sampled instruments, 170 FX/multi-FX presets, and 60 demo projects
* Get started using the new hosting possibility with the included REAKTOR, KONTAKT and GUITAR RIG PLAYER plug-ins and sounds from KOMPLETE ELEMENTS (delivered via download)
* Also contains 22 high-quality effects, including reverbs, filters, and EQs, as well as creative effects such as Grain Delay, Ice Verb, and Freq Shifter
* Chain up to four effects at once, or select a sampler or VST/AU instrument, followed by three chainable effects
* Drag and drop audio or MIDI files directly to your DAW, or drag samples directly from your computer into Maschines sound slots
* Conveniently bounce songs or individual patterns as 8-, 16- and 24-bit WAV files, or drag and drop them directly to your DAW
* Instant navigation: Open several instances of Maschine Mikro in your host sequencer and easily switch between them using a single controller
* Run Maschine and Maschine Mikro in parallel as two independent VST, AU or RTAS plug-ins with in your host DAW - for additional tactile control in the studeo

An Even More Portable and Affordable Maschine!

The Native Instruments Maschine Mikro music creation system lets you experience the incredible world of NIs Maschine in a more portable and affordable format than ever before. If youre completely new to Native Instruments Maschine environment, prepare to be blown away. This unique combination of extremely powerful yet easy-to-use software and a dedicated hardware controller lets you create music in an totally fluid and natural way. From advanced groove sequencing to powerful sampling and remixing, Maschine Mikro does it all. And when you master the versatile compact hardware controller, Maschine Mikro makes music creation absolutely effortless. 

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Music Creation System at a Glance:

* Unbelievably flexible music-creation software environment
* Powerful hands-on hardware controller
* The ever-evolving world of Maschine

Unbelievably flexible music-creation software environment
Looping, slicing, step sequencing, MPC-style recording, scene sequencing - its all possible with Native Instruments Maschine environment! Run Maschine as a plug-in in your favorite DAW, or run it in standalone mode and use it to host your favorite VST and AU plug-ins. Whats more, Maschine Mikro comes loaded with the same 6GB content library that comes with Maschine. Best of all, you even get a full version of NIs Massive virtual synth! That means Maschine Mikro gives you the same amazing effects, samples, and virtual instrument content as its big brother, including NIS sound format browsing, for total integration with KOMPLETE 8.

Powerful hands-on hardware controller
Maschines claim to fame extends beyond its powerhouse sampling and sequencing software. Tight hardware integration makes using Maschine an incredible tactile experience. Maschine Mikro gives you much of this same hardware integration as Maschine, but in a smaller, more streamlined format. Whats great is that Native Instruments gave Maschine Mikro a complete set of navigation and function controls, as well as a full-sized set of velocity-sensitive, color-coded pads, so even though its smaller than the original Maschine controller, you still get an amazing hands-on experience.

The ever-evolving world of Maschine
Whether theyre software-based or standalone hardware, most music creation systems remain largely unchanged oncer theyve been released - but not Maschine! Since the launch of Maschine, Native Instruments has released several major upgrades, including advanced sampling functions, VST and AU plug-in hosting, and NIS sound format browsing. The latest update enables Maschine Mikro to fully integrate with Native Instruments KOMPLETE 8, which features a categorical browser that allows you to quickly find your favorite Native Instrument sounds - even if you have the gargantuan KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE library!

Cena 20.280,00 din.
PPC: 22.680,00 din. ( -11% ) Raspoloživo za 10-20 dana
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