Audix DP5A Drum Microphone Set

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Savršena dopuna dinamičkim mikrofonima za blisko ozvučavanje sa 5 mikrofona. Svi mikrofoni rade jednako dobro bilo da ozvučavate bubanj na "live" svirci ili u studiju. Ovaj set mikrofona za ozvučavanje bubnjeva se sastoji od: D6 (Najbolji Audix-ov mikrofon za ozvučavanje bas bubnja), dva D2 mikrofona za rack tomove, jedan D4 za floor tom i jedan i5 za sner. Osim mikrofona u kompletu dolaze i četiri DVICE nosača za mikrofone koji se pričvršćuju za rub bubnjarskih elemenata. Svi mikrofoni dolaze u aluminijumskom koferu koji je iznutra obložen sunđerom i štititi mikrofone tokom transporta.

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Professional 5-piece Drum Mic Package

The DP5A is a perfect complement of dynamic microphones for close miking a 5 piece kit.  All mics perform equally well whether it be on a live stage or in the Studio.

Included in the DP5A drum mic package is the D6, Audixs flagship kick drum mic, two - D2s for rack toms, one - D4 for floor tom, and one - i5 for snare.  Also included are four DVICE rim mount clips for every mic except the D6 kick drum mic, which comes with a heavy duty snap to fit nylon clip.

All mics and clips are conveniently packaged in a foam-lined aluminum carrying case for travel or safe keeping when the mics are not in use.


D6 for kick drum
The D6 has a frequency response of 30Hz-15kHz and is characterized with a cardeoid pick-up pattern. The D6 is designed for easy positioning and and is not dependent on finding the "sweet spot" of the drum.  The D6 capsule features the same legendary VLM technology that has made the D Series microphones extremely popular for todays live stages and recording Studios.

i5 for snare
The i5s cardeoid polar pattern allows it to focus on the specific instrument that is being miked while rejecting other instruments or ambient noise on stage. With a smooth and uniform frequency response of 50 Hz-16 kHz and an ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 140 dB, the i5 can be used for a wide variety of applications and for all genres of music.

D2s for rack toms
For bringing out the natural, dynamic sound of toms or congas, nothing compares to the D2! The D2 accurately reproduces the warmth and punch required for a successful percussion sound,  avoiding the typical muddy "boom" that can mar a good stage mix or a recording.  The D2s natural warmth makes it a great choice for many instruments including saxophone, brass and woodwinds.  

D4 for floor tom
The D4, with an exceptional frequency response of 40 Hz - 18 kHz,  will successfully capture the true sound of instruments that require bass reproduction.   When it comes to the attack, harmonics, and decay of the large toms, the D4 is a perfect choice.   Lightweight and easy to position, the D4 is also an excellent choice for cajon, djembe, tympani, leslie bottom, bass flute, saxophone, bass cabinets and small kick drums.

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