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The S3H builds on the successes of ADAM Audio’s most popular studio monitors, the S3A and S3X-H, and, like its predecessors, sets new standards in terms of technical innovation and design. The dual 7-inch bass drivers, each powered by separate 500 W Class D amplifiers, offer flawless reproduction of frequencies all the way down to 30 Hz. ADAM Audio’s newly developed DCH, a 4-inch hybrid dome/cone mid-range driver, is powered by a 300 W Class D amplifier and handles audio above 250 Hz and below 3 kHz, its leading-edge hybrid design offering the sonic advantages of both cone and soft-dome drivers in a single, one-piece unit. Frequencies above 3 kHz are routed to the innovative combination of the S-ART treble driver (each handmade at ADAM Audio’s Berlin factory), the new precision HPS waveguide, and a 50 W Class A/B amplifier. The result of all this innovation is a beautifully transparent three-dimensional soundscape, with an extensive sweet spot.

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The Adam S3H Midfield Monitor focuses on the previous qualities of the S3A and S3X-H studio monitors to deliver a new standard in audio reproduction. With dual 7" bass drivers powered by 500 W Class D amplifiers, frequencies down to 32Hz experience a faultless performance. The new DCH driver by Adam ensures the 4" dome can handle audio above 250Hz and below 3kHz with the hybrid design offering both the advantages of cone and soft-dome drivers. The combination of the innovative S-ART treble driver and precise HPS waveguide result in an exceptionally transparent three-dimensional soundscape and outstanding sweet spot,making the S3h Midfield monitor ideal for any audio professional wanting a stand-alone active solution within their recording studio.

Specially Engineered Mid-Range Driver

The Adam S3H Monitor includes a newly designed 4 inch mid-range driver in a hybrid design inspired by the cone and dome drivers. The drive element delivers the clean decay and linear frequency response of dome drivers, combined with high excursion advantages of cone drivers. The result is distortion free high output levels with enhanced transparency in the critical mid-range. Matching the quality of the S Series suspension system to control large-scale excursions, wobble is completely eradicated. The DCH's output extends down an octave further to provide users with pure dispersion and no tonal colouration. Finally, the robust housing and construction of the DCH allows for positioning closer to the S-ART treble driver in order to act as a pair and produce wider dispersion with more accurate and consistent sound reproduction.

Symmetrical Magnet Assembly

Within the custom bass driver sits the newly engineered magnet. The symmetrical magnet assembly (SMA) allows for extension over the maximum excursion of the electromagnetic voice, three times as much as previous designs. The assembly provides membrane operation in linear fashion over large distances and is capable of a higher maximum output. Accurate low-frequency signals are reproduced without distortion even in the most demanding environments. The integrated ventilation system stops the voice coils from heating up to combat the effects of dampening dynamic ranges, parameter changes and distorted low frequencies. All these are non-existent with the S3H's new magnet design.

Custom Designed Bass Driver

The ELE bass driver included in all Adam S Series monitors represents the latest computer modeling techniques that guarantees accurate audio reproduction with outstanding resolution. With its low weight, optimised inner damping and highly stable honeycomb cone, the Adam S3H eliminates unwanted resonance and rejects distortion. the specially engineered driver provides a professional performance with both clarity and transparency whilst delivering precise sound reproduction at high sound pressure levels.

Tightest Tweet Tolerance

Handmade in Berlin, the tweeter included within the Studio Monitor has been continually engineered to an even higher standard of precision than its previous models. The S-ART tweeter allows for longer operation and use with fewer signs of fatigue. An acoustically effective diaphragm surface delivers an advanced dynamic range whilst distortion is efficiently minimised via folded diaphragms.

Custom DSP Engine

Featuring a high-performance DSP engine, the S3H perfects crossover for an optimised frequency response and maximum dynamic range. The engine delivers a variety of options for in-room optimisation including control over the overall level, two parametric shelving filters for bass and highs, and six fully parametric EQs with Q that can be cut or boosted at various frequencies.



  • Handmade S-ART tweeter
  • Newly designed HPS waveguide milled from a solid black of aluminium
  • Brad new integrated midrange driver with intuitive one-piece hybrid dome/cone (DCH) design
  • Custom-built ELE bass drivers
  • Custom-designed symmetrical magnet assembly
  • Air velocity ratio of 4:1 during sound generation by folded S-ART membrane
  • Horizontal 3-way system with 2 x 7" woofers and 1 x 4" DCH midrange.
  • Spacious bass reflex ports
  • Highly efficient PWM ICE Power amplifier for the woofer combined with A/B amplifier for S-ART tweeter
  • Custom DSP engine
  • Analog XLR input
  • Acoustically optimised constructed cabinets


  • Woofer
    • Number: 2
    • Basket ø: 7"
    • Voice Coil ø: 1.5"
    • Cone Material: HexaCone
  • Midrange
    • Number: 1
    • Type: Dome / Cone Hybrid
    • Basket ø: 4"
    • Voice Coil ø: 2.4"
    • Cone Material: Carbon Composite
  • Tweeter
    • Number: 1
    • Type: S-ART
    • Diaphragm Area: 4"²
    • Equivalent Diaphragm ø: 2"
    • Velocity Transform Ratio: 4:1
    • Diaphragm Weight: 0.17 g
    • Waveguide: HPS
  • Built-In Amplifiers
    • Number: 4
    • Woofer: 2
    • Type: PWM
    • Amp Power RMS: 300 W
    • Tweeter: 1
    • Type: A/B
    • Amp Power RMS: 50 W
  • Control Options
    • Input Sensitivity: Adjustable
    • Parametric EQs: 6
    • Room Compensation High-Shelf EQ: 1
    • Room Compensation Low-Shelf EQ: 1
    • Preset Memories: 5
    • Delay: 0 ms to 5 ms
  • Input Connectors
    • Analog: XLR
    • Input Impedance: 48 kΩ
    • Max. Input Level: +24 dBu
    • Digital: AES3
  • General
    • Panel: Rear
    • Frequency Response: 32Hz - 50kHz
    • THD > 100Hz: ≤ 0.4
    • Input Sensitivity (For 90 dB SPL at 1m): -5 dBV
    • Max. SPL Per Pair At 1m: ≥ 126 dB
    • Crossover Frequencies: 250Hz / 3kHz
    • Delivery Contents: Power Cord, Manual
    • Weight: 26.6 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 11"
    • Width: 23"
    • Depth: 15"

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